Values did man only assign to things in order to maintain himself—he created only the significance of things, a human significance! Therefore, calleth he himself “man,” that is, the valuator.

Valuing is creating: hear it, ye creating ones! Valuation itself is the treasure and jewel of the valued things.

Through valuation only is there value; and without valuation the nut of existence would be hollow. Hear it, ye creating ones!

Change of values—that is, change of the creating ones. Always doth he destroy who hath to be a creator.

Creating ones were first of all peoples, and only in late times individuals; verily, the individual himself is still the latest creation.

Peoples once hung over them tables of the good. Love which would rule and love which would obey, created for themselves such tables.

Older is the pleasure in the herd than the pleasure in the ego: and as long as the good conscience is for the herd, the bad conscience only saith: ego.

Verily, the crafty ego, the loveless one, that seeketh its advantage in the advantage of many—it is not the origin of the herd, but its ruin.

Loving ones, was it always, and creating ones, that created good and bad. Fire of love gloweth in the names of all the virtues, and fire of wrath.

Many lands saw Zarathustra, and many peoples: no greater power did Zarathustra find on earth than the creations of the loving ones—“good” and “bad” are they called.

Verily, a prodigy is this power of praising and blaming. Tell me, ye brethren, who will master it for me? Who will put a fetter upon the thousand necks of this animal?

A thousand goals have there been hitherto, for a thousand peoples have there been. Only the fetter for the thousand necks is still lacking; there is lacking the one goal. As yet humanity hath not a goal.

But pray tell me, my brethren, if the goal of humanity be still lacking, is there not also still lacking—humanity itself?—

Thus spake Zarathustra.

This is definitely a bit heavy, but I always think Nietzsche when I hear about creating culture. Excuse the brashness, but I think that Art and a Living Mythos is what we need right now, not crumbling traditions. We can only redeem the past by analyzing it through symbols, discerning through the indistinct grayness of our values, and how to unite them as a whole race. How do we keep our individuality in the ever growing international landscape? We must all create at all costs, and expose ourselves to as much of the greatness of everything as possible within these arts, sciences, and spiritualities. But – concerning the desire for authenticity emphasized by the article on the second page, I would urge for a broad conception of the consistency/paradox genuine to the universe. They describe it as a healthy distrust for the media – I would advocate for critical skepticism – but: seeing through the rationale of both sides’ points is triply essential; synthesizing. Anyways, this article was fantastic, really spot on “big picture” talk that I think flawlessly coalesces with its call to action. Activism. And lastly, no talk about progress can be complete without at the very least addressing the most universal (to all ethnicities) of problems, that of the subtly unsubtle resistance to feminism. As this book asserts, “They are taking what were once considered personal issues, issues to be discussed at home and in friendship groups, and bringing them directly into public view. And they want to see women in leadership roles.” I could not agree more. That, to me, for now, is worthy of being the comprehensive, virtuous, goal of humanity.


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