I read this book probably 5 years back, now; it still troubles me. The adaptive unconscious and the locked door… how much can really be known? I don’t know, yet I hold it my duty as a being to know myself to the healthiest utter extents of my consciousness. Now, I’m no scientist, but reading seems an interesting subject here; it makes me wonder whether we process written words different than people (we must, right?), and how we process different genres. For instance, we might be able to take a short poem like this 

at face value, but we could hardly do that with an Epic poem like The Odyssey (unless that blink-judgement is merely not to read such a long poem). But yeah, I think there are definitely areas where blink-judgements are more effective than others, and definitely areas where they’re more subtle but still ever-present. The weirdest thing of all, though, is still the way we grow up with such magnificent powers of intuition so ingrained into our everyday life that they become invisible. And second weirdest is just how wrong this godlike power can be sometimes. As a tentative rule, I try to run all my serious ideas twice through both the subconscious and the conscious, which sometimes involve serious bouts of editing that last years, and often meeting demise.

Oh, and on the topic of the IAT, yeah, that stuff always makes me piss me off. I liked the disclaimer at the end that there is some semi-negligible influence from the order of the tests, and thus they switch it around equally for all the test-takers – but I still wish they would have given me the easier one instead. Nevertheless, and I don’t wanna brag, but I scored in the mildly prefers thin people to fat, as well as the only mildly associates male gender and science. And, needless to say, if I took that test again with an actual mouse and not this touchpad, and maybe practiced a couple more times, I think I could really break the bank. May there be more tests like these in the future. So many tests like these that we’re going to need to have entrance exams include them, from womb to tomb. But to end on a serious note, I do think these tests can really help us in identifying just what it means to have prejudice, and privilege… and hopefully what we can do about it (though I suppose thats an easy one: just have more integrated social groups).


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