Where when how to begin… Obviously, its just astonishing how much this guy knows about everything, and his delivery is so easy going and clear. To begin with the beginning, I am quite quite angry about Noam’s work being quietly censored by the media for who knows how long (but excited about reading that new old Animal Farm Introduction). I mean, don’t get me wrong (if thats even possible), I think this guy talks like a true scholar, an observably all around upstanding human / the kinda person I want to be president, but just maybe if he were (or at least acted) more fired up about all this crazy media crap he’d get more heat from them. Probably just my own youthful restlessness, but jeez; it makes me almost scared of success, the sorry way such truth has been handled; but, in the end, I hope, Noam Chomsky will only be all the better for having done it his way. Those last words also sorta messed me up, on his having missed early activist opportunities regarding Vietnam and manmade climate change. We must retain hope. Through hope comes awareness, and awareness: change. Still, I reckon a lot of hopeful prayers around the conflict in the Middle East have gone unanswered. And still, if ol’ Noam knows how to take it all in, and still logically deduce some hopefulness from it all… woohoo.



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