Like, damn. It should be downright illegal to be such a prophet. This guys just so straightup logical, his plain delivery flies right by my head half the time. I enjoyed the talk of aristocracies; how they instilled more of an inherent sense of order and duty through class tradition – while democracies tend to allow the successful to think themselves isolated. Then, getting into the whole relationships between liberty and equality was where it really got wonked up a notch. Living in America back then must have felt crazy. I think I could’ve been pretty patriotic if I was born into such a playing field (though I hope I would’ve been lucky enough to realize just where the line of freedom was really drawn). At this point, as I’m sure Ol’ Tokey knew, it just doesn’t feel like the individual has any influence, like The Bridge (and the thousand little bridges) between self interest and public interest is crumbling, associations are quickly becoming vaccinated, and the god damned news is just farting it all in our faces. Chapter 8’s final call for the educated, purposeful, selflessness to replace well-intentioned, blind sacrifice… was… heavy to think about; and just before that, how true still, about all that indifference that despotism breeds, and just the so-many ways that the people perceive everything and nothing, and credit it one way or another, and justify injustices! Finally, as I am a lazy cretin, I will abruptly insert a cool quote and leave it at that, (in regards to countries that relinquish some liberties for restrictions) “To save a man’s life, I can understand cutting off his arm. But I don’t want anyone to tell me he will be as dextrous without it.”



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