So, who watched that Eisenstein video? I know I freakin did. Just in case, theres a bunch of relatively accurate quotations at the bottom – and now i’ve numbered them for reference! heheheh,

Can’t say a damned thing wrong about this talk. Super-neo-nietzschian in the whole points 1, 2, 11-13 (and the general style of the ending call to action) ; Taoist with the 1, 4, 7, 14 (and that sick ass protester story (i pretty much fantasize about being able to do something like that)); and then, in the mode of much new-age spiritualism, which i usually personally connect to Coelho’s The Alchemist, 1, 10, 16. Anyways, one more “hell yeah!” for good measure: hell yeah!

I’m so done with all this Newtonian physics. He was just a poor alchemist who had to turn to science by turning science all around, and thereby turning the world around too. He must’ve just been so #5 that that he straight up caused #2, and nobody (somehow) (except Goethe (god bless his coffin)) realized #7 would result. So now, well, again I suppose we should really just #18 the heck out of this world. Heracles miracles are great and all, but we muuuust realize that we don’t just owe their lastingness to #9, but also to #6, and that we really need to #11.

Campbell  knew this well (and this is my favorite quote from him): “It is not enough for the primitive to see the sun rise and set; this external observation must at the same time be a psychic happening: the sun in its course must represent the fate of a god or hero who, in the last analysis, dwells nowhere except in the soul of man.”

And the same goes for the moon.

If theres one thing’s uncertainty I’m damn sure of in a good (low uncertainty) way, its that we need take in more of what is less if we want to keep what is left. Oh, and that I’m gonna be rereading the Tao Te Ching and The Power of Myth and The Sorrows of Young Werther and shit until the day i die. Excuse the promotionality, but god damn, if you liked this video you’ll really flip yo shit yo.


  1. “miracles are impossible from an old understanding of reality, and possible from a new one.”
  2. science has been too rational, its bled into our politics.
  3. “financial system breakdown is reflected in our deeper stories”
  4. “stop being indifferent and separate from universe / trying to control the external forces as transcendent masters”
  5. “boredom releases that feeling of “why does it hurt just to exist?”
  6. “our tiny actions may have a significance beyond that we understand [already]”
  7. not all about fuckin exerting a force on the universe anymore! YAN!
  8. “things are a bit random even on quantum level: irreducible indeterminacy. (morphic fields & water memory???)”
  9. “our stories have an immune system that keeps them in tact as long as possible, but its getting harder today”
  10. “wound of betrayed expectations… and to protect it we develop cynicism”
  11. “disrupt the psychic substructure of our mythology”
  12. “matter has all the properties of spirit”
  13. “regaining the dignity of materiality”
  14. cant fix the fuckin world with force no more. prolly never could.
  15. “as the great entertainer sun ra said, ‘we’ve tried everything possible and none of its worked. now we must try the impossible.'”
  16. “stepping into the flow of synchronicity… service to that thing larger than yourself.”
  17. “ask yourself if you are ready to bow more deeply into that mission, into the service. you will experience an unexpected oppurtunity to act on that knowledge, and it will be just on the edge of your courage but not past it.”
  18. f old heroism

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